Karin Redelius

Karin Redelius

Professor, Chair of the Education and Research Committee

Email: karin.redelius@gih.se

Phone: +46 8-120 53 832

Visiting address: Lidingövägen 1

Room: 1339

Belongs to: Department of Movement, Culture and Society, Section for Sport Management


Read more about my interests in research.

One of my research interests concerns organized children's and youth sports and its design in relation to central policy documents, especially the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Simply put, it is about how young people are affected and what they learn from being involved in sports, depending on how the business is designed.

In recent years, I have conducted studies on young people's participation and influence in sports, the prevalence of so-called early elite investments and on young people's experiences of selection processes. Another area of interest concerns commercialization trends in children's and youth sports.

Another research interest is the school subject of physical education, with a particular focus on grading and assessment. The projects I have conducted have mainly been about students' views on teachers' assessment practice and what students think is important to get a high grade in physical education.

I am the scientific leader of a research group that conducts research in sports pedagogy (the PIF group). It includes doctoral students and senior researchers, and the focus is on issues related to both the school subject of physical education and health and organised children's and young people's sports. Since the group was founded by Lars-Magnus Engström in the late 1980s, about 25 doctoral theses have been produced by members of the group.

I am also a participant in the research group Research in Education & Movement Culture, which is an interdisciplinary research group that conducts research in the humanities and social sciences on movement, culture and society.

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Other information

Athletic merits

  • Bandy, played in Damallsvenskan 1976–1997.
  • Played in the Swedish women's national team 1984–1994.
  • "Stor tjej", no. 13, in Swedish women's bandy, 1994.
  • Swedish Champion 1980,-81,-83.
  • Football, Division 2 1976–1980.
  • Handball, div 3 1977–1979.

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Karin Redelius

Photo: Thomas Carlgren

Karin Redelius

Photo: Thomas Carlgren

Karin Redelius

Photo: Thomas Carlgren


Academic title

Professor of Education