Maria Fernström

Maria Fernström

Senior lecturer, Director of Studies and Deputy Head of Department of Physical Activity and Health, Section for Health Science


Phone: +46 8-120 53 778

Visiting address: Lidingövägen 1

Room: 1216

Belongs to: Department of Physical Activity and Health, Section for Health Science


Read more about my interests in teaching, research and collaboration.

I have a great interest in teaching and am the director of studies for the health promotion program.

It is important to convey to future teachers, coaches and health scientists that a healthy lifestyle with high physical performance, good eating habits and sufficient amount of sleep is of great importance for both physical and mental health. This at a time when sedentary behaviour is becoming increasingly common in all age groups. Habits are formed at a young age and those of us who teach at GIH have a great responsibility to influence the development of physical activity and health.

I am interested in the many positive effects physical activity has on health. I am particularly interested in examining young adults to find health and risk factors that can be used in preventive health work. My colleagues and I do this by mapping young adults' diet, sleep and exercise habits.

We also investigate early changes in the blood vessels, for example, and have been able to show that many young adults have a lifestyle that entails an increased risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.

I collaborate with the Physical Activity and Brain Health group in the Center of Excellence in Physical Activity, Healthy Brain Functions and Sustainability, E-PABS.

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