Emil Bojsen-Møller

Affiliated researcher

Email: emil.bojsen.moller@gih.se

Phone: +46 8-120 53 746

Visiting address: Lidingövägen 1

Belongs to: Department of Physical Activity and Health, Section for Master and Research Program


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I am interested in how the brain is affected by physical activity and sedentary behaviour. In my PhD project, I try to elucidate how cognitive functions and the brain's ability to adapt to experiences by changing structure and function, neuroplasticity, are affected by different movement patterns.

The first study is a cross-sectional study that investigates the relationship between objectively measured physical activity patterns and cognitive functions in office workers.

The second study is a randomized intervention trial where we investigate how neuroplasticity, as measured by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), is affected by long periods of sedentary behavior.

In a third study, we investigate the effect of an intervention, developed to best support office workers in developing a health-promoting behavior. In addition, we look at how changes in behavior are linked to cognitive functions.

My PhD project will contribute to the understanding of how physical activity and sedentary behaviour affect the brain. In addition, the results will be able to help companies and HR departments create a sustainable work environment where movement is implemented in a way that benefits brain health.

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Academic title

PhD, Master's Degree in Human Physiology, Bachelor's Degree in Sport Science