Areas of Knowledge

GIH's profile is "man in motion" from a salutogenic perspective. Within this profile, we have identified three significant areas of knowledge.

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GIH's areas of knowledge

  • Organized sports and performance development
  • The school subject of sports and health
  • Physical activity, sustainability and health

Organized sports and performance development

Organized sports are practiced in, for example, associations, schools, and at training centers. The focus is often on performance development in the context of competition and exercise, and recreation.

GIH works so that you, as individuals practicing sports, can reach as far as you want in your sport and simultaneously gain an increased understanding of organized sports conditions and social context.

The school subject of sports and health

Sports and health are essential subjects in Swedish schools and have long been part of the school system. Today, the issue is about developing students' physical abilities and giving them the tools to make wise judgments in matters such as health, training, and sports.

At GIH, you gain a thorough knowledge of health and the social conditions of sports culture, as well as teaching methods and students' experiences of sports education.

Physical activity, sustainability and health

Today, people spend more and more time sitting still, which harms their health. Physical activity has become a central social issue.

GIH builds knowledge to meet all people's needs for long-term and sustainable physical activity. Part of this knowledge development is also to give you tools to have a critical perspective toward various health trends in society.

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Our subject areas

At GIH, sport science consists of seven subject areas:

  • Biomechanics
  • Physiology
  • Physical Activity and Health
  • Psychology
  • Sport Culture
  • Sport Education
  • Sport Pedagogy
Last modified:25 Nov 2022