Marie Ohlsson

Project researcher


Phone: +46 8-120 53 756

Visiting address: Lidingövägen 1

Room: 1343

Belongs to: Department of Physiology, Nutrition and Biomechanics, Section for Laboratories


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In terms of teaching, my interest is similar to my research interest in physical activity and sports for people with disabilities, as well as parasport. In addition to this, biomechanics, mechanics and calculations.

I am interested in physical activity and sports for people with disabilities. In many cases, people with disabilities need an adaptation to be able to be active during school hours, leisure time and in the sports movement. The adaptations needed are different depending on the type of disability.

A person with a physical disability is often in need of good equipment, while a person with an intellectual disability is often in need of personal and educational support. My research interest consists of increasing the conditions for a more equal and fair participation in sports and an active life.

The sports movement, companies, public organizations such as health care, schools and social care at both municipal, regional and national level.

Other information

Coach for children and young people in orienteering and cross-country skiing.

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