For those who are required to pay tuition fees

The application to each course and program offered by The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences - GIH is done through the University Admissions portal, see - apply to Swedish universities External link, opens in new window.

Application fee

When you apply, it will be assessed whether you are required to pay an application- and tuition fee. In that case, you will first have to pay an application fee in connection with your application. This process is managed by the Swedish Council for Higher Education in cooperation with the Swedish Migration Agency External link, opens in new window.. Questions about your application and questions about the obligation to pay tuition fees are made directly to the University Admissions Support Centre External link, opens in new window.

Tuition fee

The amount of fee (cost) is to be found on the web site from where you apply (see above). For a program, you will find information both concerning both the first tuition instalment as well as the total tuition fee.

  • If you have been offered a place (received a letter of acceptance), you need to pay the tuition fee. In that case, this information is applicable. You will receive an email with instructions and an invoice.
  • The invoice is sent by email to the same email address you stated for your account at Be advised that you only have a short period to pay your invoice, typically ten days. You should therefore prepare yourself so that you can pay the invoice as soon as you receive it. All information regarding how to pay is found on the invoice.
  • For those who study a longer coherent education program, you pay tuition fees in instalments. The first payment (instalment) is for the first semester.
  • Once you have paid the tuition fee, you will be able to register and start your studies. All fees are to be paid in advance.


You can apply for a scholarship to cover the tuition fee at GIH. You can apply for a scholarship when you have received an official admission notice (letter of acceptance) and an invoice. You can apply for a scholarship where the language of instruction is English and where the single course or program is advertised via University admission. External link, opens in new window.

The budget for scholarship funds can vary over time and GIH can therefore not state exactly how much money is available in any given situation. However, the principles for allocation are as follows:

  • Scholarships are given according to the order of merits, meaning that a student who is accepted with the highest merits will receive a scholarship first, and then scholarships will be given in descending order of merits.
  • (A) The first award of the scholarship should fully cover the tuition fee. (B) The second award will cover as much as possible, and the student will then have to cover the remaining amount by self-payment. (C) If there are no scholarship funds left, the student will have to pay the full fee.
  • (I) The scholarship is given firstly to program students at advanced level. (II) Secondly, program students at undergraduate level. (III) Thirdly, those studying a single course at advanced level. (IV) Fourthly, those studying a single course at undergraduate level.

Apply for a GIH-scholarship here:

are found by logging into your user account at university admissions

are found on the invoice

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences will disregard applications for scholarships which are incomplete or do not fulfil the criteria as described on this web site.


Fee-paying students are automatically covered by FASplus (i.e., no extra fee will be charged for this). FASplus is an insurance issued under the authority of the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Service Agency (Kammarkollegiet External link, opens in new window.).

The fees also include

The tuition fee includes access to campus facilities such as libraries, computer labs and other study facilities. The tuition fee also includes student services such as study and career counselling, student health care, disability services and other study administration.

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