Researchers and subject on exercise bike

Unique WidthLaboratories

Our laboratories give GIH, The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, a unique width in how we conduct research and education in sports, health and physical activity.

Three laboratories currently contribute to the infrastructure for research issues regardless of research focus. They are well equipped and used by researchers in their research and by teachers and students in our undergraduate courses.

Scientists doing tests with pipette

The Åstrand Laboratory

Physical test of legs in laboratory

The Biomechanics and Motor Control Laboratory, BMC

Scientists help man put on a breathing mask

The Laboratory for Applied Sports Science, LTIV

TEst vo2maxThe Ekblom-Bak test

The Ekblom-Bak test was developed by researchers at GIH and is a submaximal cycle ergometer test for calculating VO2max.

The test is suitable for situations where you need to determine maximum oxygen uptake capacity, but neither want nor to have the opportunity to carry out a maximum test, for example during a health assessment.

It requires advanced laboratory equipment or occupational physiology expertise and involves a low risk for you as test subjects.

Elin Ekblom-Bak demonstrerar test för man på träningscykel