Izabela Seger

External Doctoral Student

Email: izabela.seger@jarfalla.se.se

Phone: +46 8-120 53 700

Visiting address: Lidingövägen 1

Room: 1215

Belongs to: Department of Physical Activity and Health, Section for Master and Research Program


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The overall aim of the entire research project is to evaluate, via a school intervention with students 13-14 years, the effects of extra movement on strength in different muscle groups, fitness, health and school grades. The teachers' grading practice will be studied on the basis of the extended training and the new curriculum (Lgr 22).

Furthermore, the goal is to investigate the possibilities of developing a sustainable model for extra movement during the school day within the framework of the school's mission regarding daily movement.

Research questions that form the basis of the overall research project are:

  • How do the pupils' physical skills develop in connection with extra physical activity?
  • How does extra physical activity affect school grades in Swedish, English, mathematics and physical education?
  • What effect does extra physical activity have on students' health/well-being?
  • How does extra movement affect the physical education teachers' assessment and grading, for example of the pupils' opportunities to reach stipulated grading criteria?
  • How can a sustainable model for increased movement during the school day be designed based on the results of these practice-based research projects?

The hypothesis is that extra physical activity during the school day results in improved aerobic fitness, muscle strength, school grades and health.

Study 1 – Intervention

400 students will participate in the study. Half of them carry out extra physical activity with a focus on strength training, in addition to the school's regular physical education. The intervention group will have regular PE lessons and in addition to these, an additional weekday with about 40 minutes of movement sessions led by PE teachers will be scheduled. These workouts include physical aspects with primarily strength, but also elasticity, mobility, balance and coordination, as well as conversations about the importance of moving.

The physical activity sessions, which are offered during the regular school day, require minimal equipment. They are conducted indoors as well as outdoors and do not require a change of clothes. It is important that it is PE teachers who conduct the extra leader-led physical activity, as it has been shown that a high level of competence in the field can have a particularly positive effect. A control group of about 200 students from three nearby schools will be included in the study and they will not receive any extra physical activity.

Study 2 – Interviews

Four PE teachers who are responsible for extra movement will be interviewed. Questions will focus on how extra physical activity affects teachers' assessment and grading, for example of students' opportunities to reach stipulated grading criteria? Teachers will also have the opportunity to express their thoughts, reflections and opinions about the project and how a sustainable model for more movement during the school day could be designed.


Academic title

Licentiate of Philosophy