Karl Daggfeldt

Senior lecturer

Email: karl.daggfeldt@gih.se

Phone: +46 8-120 53 738

Visiting address: Lidingövägen 1

Room: 1335

Belongs to: Department of Physiology, Nutrition and Biomechanics, Section for Coaching and Sport Performance Development

Other information

Coach of the national karate team 1991–1993.

Author of course literature in movement theory.

Author of computer programs for research and education in anatomy.

Karate (kumite):
– World Champion, Sidney, 1986, open class
European Champion, Genova, 1988, open class
– 1st World Cup, Budapest, 1989, +80kg
– Three individual Nordic Championships
– Five individual Swedish championships
– Member of the national team 1983-1991

Sword fencing:
– Stockholm District Champion 1991, 1996.

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Photo: Thomas Carlgren

Photo: Thomas Carlgren


Academic title

Master of Science in Engineering and Doctor of Medicine