Schooling, Sports, Screens: Value-Laden Learning Practices

Skola, sport, skärm: värdeladdade lärandepraktiker

Project Leader

  • Mikael Börjesson

Research Funders

  • Swedish Research Council


Below you can read summaries about the project in English and/or Swedish. The information is taken from the publication database DiVA.

The doctoral school focuses on three strategic, value-laden and debated areas of learning: schooling, sports and screens. The intention is to build a comprehensive understanding of these areas and study how they are related‚ to what extent they reinforce or weaken each other, and how they function in different social, gendered and geographical contexts. Three disciplines, doctoral programs and research milieus are brought together for this collaborative undertaking: Sociology of Education at Uppsala University, Sport Pedagogy Research at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) and Media and Communication Studies at Södertörn University. Three aims are put forth: I) To contribute with new and integrated knowledge on schooling, sports and screens as value-charged areas of learning. II) To strengthen the competence in teacher education, in the Swedish educational system and in the educational sciences for the areas that the doctoral school focuses on. III) To function as a national and international hub for integrative scholarship on the outlined research areas. The doctoral school will provide four core activities: 4 conjoint doctoral courses; 5 workshops on ethics, academic writing and career perspectives; 3 text-based seminars and 2 national and international conferences. It will be organized with a steering group and a teacher collegium, with support from a coordinator and an international reference group.

Funding period

  • 2021 - 2026

National Research Field

  • Sport and Fitness Sciences
  • Learning
  • Media Studies