LibKey Nomad – access to articles

If you install LibKey Nomad in your browser, you get quick access directly to scientific articles in several search engines and websites.

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that allows access to articles via the library in search engines, such as PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, Wikipedia, on the journals' web pages and more.

This is especially useful when you are outside GIH and are not logged in to GIH's network, as your GIH connection follows the browser no matter where you are.

Install LibKey Nomad

Here's how:

  1. Go to LibKey Nomad in the online app store or on External link, opens in new window.
  2. Select "Add" and install.
  3. Under "Select Institution" search for GIH or select from the list.
  4. Clearly!

How does LibKey Nomad work?

When an article is available, the LibKey Nomad icon appears in the lower-left corner of the browser. Tap on it and the article will appear.

In order for the LibKey Nomad icon to be displayed, the GIH library must have a subscription to the article in question, or it must be freely available and included in the collection.

If you are outside GIH, you will first be asked to log in with your GIH login before you can access the article (if it is not freely available).


Tryck på Libkey-ikonen för att komma direkt till artikeln.

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Last modified:18 Dec 2023