Reading impairment

Students with some form of reading impairment have the right to borrow their course literature as talking books through the catalogue Legimus. In order to gain access to talking books, you must have a disability that makes it difficult to read printed text.

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Create an account in Legimus

The library helps you create a talking book account with the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM, which provides Legimus.

In connection with this, you will receive an introduction to how to use Legimus. We'll show you how to download books and the different ways you can read.

Legimus drop-in

The library offers drop-in times to create an account in Legimus for those who have the right to read talking books. You do not need to book an appointment to come to drop-in, and around the start of the semester and the beginning of the semester, we refer to these times in particular.

Book an appointment for registration

If you have the right to get a talking book account, you are welcome to contact us at the library to book an appointment. We primarily refer to drop-in times, but if you can't then you can book an appointment. Fill in the information in the form, and we will contact you within a few days.

Before you book an appointment for a review of Legimus, you must read the rules in Legimus about who has the right to borrow talking books External link, opens in new window..

I have read the rules in Legimus and I meet the requirements to use talking books * (mandatory)
I have read the rules in Legimus and I meet the requirements to use talking books

If you have an account

If you already have an account in Legimus, all you need to do is change your library so that your account belongs to GIH. Contact Monika Janvari to move your account.

ClaroRead - Desktop Reader

ClaroRead is a program that reads aloud the text that appears on your screen. It also includes spelling correction software, mind maps and more.

All students at GIH can download ClaroRead to their own computer.

Further information

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If you have a reading impairment, you can listen to the course literature as talking books in Legimus.

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