Questionnaires in the student thesis

Are you writing a student thesis and want to use surveys to collect material? Here are tips on how to find examples of surveys on the subject of physical activity and health.

Remember to cite properly if you use questions from surveys you have found if you want to use the questions in your own survey.

Online Survey Software

Sunet Survey

Sunet Survey is a survey tool for conducting web-based surveys. The handling of personal data places high demands on the survey tool, and Sunet Survey meets these requirements.

Search for surveys in databases and search services

Questionnaires that researchers have used in their research may be included in the journal articles or dissertations where the research results are presented. These can be found by searching in search engines and databases such as SportDiscus, PubMed and Google Scholar.

Useful search terms in the databases can be "questionnaire" or "survey" in combination with an appropriate subject (e.g. "health" or "physical activity").

Other online resources for surveys

Below you will find tips on web resources where you can take part in existing surveys.

Compilation of forms in different areas.

"This instrument library provides up-to-date information about instruments designed to assess diet, physical activity and anthropometry in population health sciences."

With, among other things, the Recent Physical Activity Questionnaire, RPAQ. From the University of Cambridge.

"The purpose of the International Physical Activity Questionnaires (IPAQ) is to provide a set of well-developed instruments that can be used internationally to obtain comparable estimates of physical activity."

A collection of questionnaires and measurement methods in health, physical activity and the like.

Questionnaires about motivation for health, exercise, treatments and more, with a theoretical basis in Self-Determination Theory.

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