The library provides access to thousands of journals in print and electronic format.

How to access library journals

Search the GIH Library's journal list, to see which journals are available at the library.

Browse and watch journals in BrowZine

To browse journals and monitor when new issues come out, you can use the BrowZine app.

Access to printed journals at the GIH Library

The library's printed journals for the past year are available in the library. Older vintages are stored in warehouses.

The library collects material from the stacks at 12:00 and 14:00. If you want to order material from the stack, you must do so no later than one day before, so that it has time to be picked up.

You can order material from the stacks by sending an e-mail to


At the library you will find Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet, which are saved a couple of weeks back.

Older articles in newspapers are searchable in the database Mediearkivet/Retriever.

The National Library of Sweden has a service called "Svenska dagstidningar" where you can search digitised newspapers from 1645 to the present day. The articles in their entirety can only be read if they are 115 years of age or older. To be able to read even more recent articles, we refer to the National Library of Sweden.

If the journal is not available at the library

If a journal is not available at the GIH Library, students and staff can order copies of articles by interlibrary loan.

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