Instructions and tools for you who are writing a student thesis at GIH. Each department has its own student thesis guide, which can be found in your course in Canvas.

Here is GIH's student thesis template in Word and links to more information on how to use Word to write your thesis.

When you write your student thesis or other academic texts, you must clearly show which information is your own and which information you have received from someone else. You do this by using references.

Do you find it difficult to get started with your writing assignment? Do you want tips on how to structure and create a common thread in your text? As a student, you can book individual writing tutoring to improve your text and your writing process.

writing guideTo write academic texts

Welcome to Writingguide! This website was created to support students in their academic writing. Here you will find practical advice on the writing process, how to manage sources and references, and how to publish your thesis. will be extended gradually. It is a collaboration between Blekinge Institute of Technology, Kristianstad University, Linnaeus University and Umeå University.

If you use personal data for your istudent thesis, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind.

In your text, it must be clear which formulations you are quoting or referencing from somewhere else. Otherwise, it will be plagiarism, which is not allowed.

Are you writing a thesis and want to use surveys to collect material? Here are tips on how to find examples of surveys on the subject of physical activity and health.

Finished with the thesis?Registration in DiVA

Student thesis written by GIH students at undergraduate and graduate level must be entered in the publication database DiVA. As a student, you register your thesis yourself when it has been approved and completed.