Loans and services

Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to borrow books from the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences' library. However, course literature may only be borrowed by GIH's students.

Yearbooks, journals, reference books and books that are more than 100 years old may have restricted access. For more information on access, please read the relevant sections below or contact us.

Borrowing and reserving

Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to borrow books from GIH's library. Course literature may only be borrowed by GIH's students.

To borrow books, you need a library account. You will receive this at the library when you show your ID.

If you are a GIH student, we already have your information. If you are not a GIH student, you are welcome to register your information in advance in the web form. External link, opens in new window.

If you do not live in the Stockholm area, you can also borrow books from the GIH Library. Contact the library where you live – either at the college or school where you attend, or at your city library. They can then order books and articles from GIH through interlibrary loans.

As a patron at the GIH Library, you agree to follow our lending policies and fees.

  • Course literature can only be borrowed by GIH students with a guaranteed loan period of 7 days. For course literature, there is an overdue fee of SEK 20 per book and day.
  • Other literature has a guaranteed loan period of 28 days.

If you have borrowed a book, you can have it for the entire day that the loan period ends. This means that the book must be back no later than the next day when the library opens.

When you borrow a book, the loan period is then automatically renewed. Automatic renewals mean that you have a guaranteed loan period: 7 days for course literature and 28 days for other books. After that, the book will be renewed automatically, as long as there are no reservations on the book. If so, you will receive an email from the library about this.

If you want to renew a book earlier, you can contact the library.

Books are automatically renewed a maximum of 25 times, after that they must be returned to the library.

Books are returned using the self-return machine in the library. When the library is closed books may be left in the return box outside the main library entrance.

If a book is out on loan, you can reserve it. To search for your book, you can use the library catalogue External link, opens in new window.. Click on the "Reserve" link (high top right) and log in with your social security number or email address and pin code.

You will receive an email when the book has arrived and you pick it up in the reservation cabinet where you log in with your social security number and pin code.

If you are borrowing for the first time at the GIH Library, you must first show identification at the library's information desk when it is staffed. After that, you can pick up the book in the reservation cabinet.

The GIH Library provides access to a number of e-books that you can read on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Course literature

Course literature is only lent to students at GIH. The loan period is seven days. The overdue fee is SEK 20 per overdue day and book.

Course literature includes the books that are required reading in courses at GIH. At the library, there are usually two to five copies and a reference copy that can only be read in the library. In the library catalogue you can see which books are course literature by placing the shelf "Kurslitteratur".

Collection of rare materials

Older books may have "Magasin" or "Mag" before the name of the shelf in the library catalogue (for example, Magasin Eabr or Mag V). This means that they are in the book stack, which is located in the basement.

The stack also contains journals that are not from the current year. The stack is not open to students and the general public.

If you yould like to access books in the stack, please contact the library in advance.

Interlibrary loans, articles and purchases

If you need a book or article that is not available at the library, we can order it from another library.

GIH students can borrow books and order copies of articles that are not available at the GIH Library. Others may turn to their own university library or to the city library.

  • Books are free of charge for interlibrary loans
  • Articles cost SEK 20 per article and you get to keep the article copy

If the book you are looking for is available at a library in Stockholm, we will not make interlibrary loans to the book, but you will instead have to go to the other library and borrow it there.

When you order a book or article, it may take time for it to arrive here, so please allow two to five days. If a book is out on loan, it takes longer.

We can also send items to your home address for a postage cost of SEK 10 plus the price of the item.

Interlibrary loans can be picked up and returned at the GIH Library.

If you have any tips on a book that is missing in the library, please feel free to send us a purchase suggestion. If it is commercially available and is of interest to GIH, there is a good chance that we will buy it. Send suggestions by email

Personal data

In order to give you access to the library's resources, we need to process your personal data. Read more about this below.

In order to give you access to the GIH Library's resources, we need to process your personal data, such as your name, address, social security number, telephone number and email address. The processing complies with the regulations in the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, and applies throughout the EU.

When you sign up for a library account and choose a PIN code, you enter into an agreement with the library. In order to administer your loans and give you access to electronic resources, the library needs to process your personal data. However, we will never use the personal data for anything other than what is required for you to be able to use the library's services.

Terminate agreement

You can terminate the contract at any time and we will then delete your data. If you do not choose to terminate the agreement yourself, your inactive library account will be deleted together with your personal data two years after completing your studies. If you are not a student or employee at GIH, inactive accounts will be deleted after two years.

For Sale

At the library you can buy a book about our historical collections, some office supplies and more.


  • Kinetic Jottings: rare and curious books in the library of the old Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics / Ove Hagelin (1995). Price: 250 SEK
  • 200 years of body formation: Gymnastiska centralinstitutet / Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences 1813–2013 / Hans Bolling and Leif Yttergren, eds. (2013). SOLD OUT - Buy the e-book External link, opens in new window.


  • Postcards with historical motifs. Price: 3 SEK
  • Tote bag black from GIH 200 years. Price: 30 SEK
  • Tote bag blue with GIH logo. Price: 40 SEK
  • Office supplies such as pens, envelopes, plastic sleeves. Price: SEK 2–5


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