Welcome to the Library

The library has study areas, computers and printers that can be used by both students and the general public.

Bokhyllor och läsplatser i biblioteket

Study environment

The library has study areas and a quiet zone. Group study rooms are located around campus.

For those who want to study in peace and quiet, there are quiet study areas at the back of the library. There are also a number of larger tables for individual study in the middle of the library. At the small tables closest to the entrance, it is possible to speak in a low-key tone.

At the far end of the library is the quiet zone. Conversation is not allowed there.

In the rest of the library, low-key conversations are allowed, but keep in mind that the sounds easily spread to the quiet zone. Be considerate of your fellow students.

There are no group study rooms available in the library. Group work is referred to the group study rooms located around campus.

Our Visiting Rules

Bear in mind this that this is a work environment and show consideration. Speak with a quiet voice so as not to disturb and please leave the room if you are going to make a phone call. The University Library is a workplace for students, teachers, researchers and the Library staff.

Mobile phones are allowed in the library, but put it on silent mode. If you need to talk on the phone, take your call outside.

It is permitted to bring simple snacks with you such as fruit, sweets and drinks. If you wish to eat lunch you are advised to go to the student kitchenettes on campus.

Please, tidy up after you and throw away your litter.

Computers & Wireless Network

At the GIH Library you can borrow our public computers or use your own computer with a wireless network. You can read more on the page Information about IT (in Swedish).

The library has 14 public computers that can be used by those who are looking for information within GIH's subject areas. The computers cannot be booked.

From the library's computers you have access to all databases, journals and other resources available at the library. The library catalogue is also available on two computers where you do not need to log in to be able to search for material.

The Library’s computers may be used by the public. They are to be used for work in connection with your education or to search for information. External visitors may recieve a temporary account at the library information desk upon presentation of ID.

At GIH you have access to a wireless network through the Eduroam online service.

There is also a guest network for those who do not have Eduroam. A sign with login details can be found at the library's information desk.

Printing, copying and scanning

The library has a printer that you can also use for copying and scanning.

In the library there is a combined printer, copier and scanner called FollowMe. If you are a GIH student, you have a printing account that you can use for printouts and copies. You top up with more money if needed.

Price of prints and copies for students

  • 50 öre per A4 page for black and white copies
  • One crown per page for colour copies or A3 paper

Price for printouts and copies for non-students

  • One krona per A4 page for black and white copies.
  • Two crowns per page for colour copies or A3 paper.

Top up the printing account

If you want to top up your printing account, pay for copies and more, the library accepts a debit card or Swish. The easiest way is to pay on site at the library. You can also top up your printing account at the reception at GIH.

The library's swish number is 123 320 54 24. As a message, you must write what the payment is for, such as an article copy or late fee. Contact us before you swish so we know what you are paying for.


If you have a disability, you should also be able to visit the library without any problems.

The library is located on the ground floor of GIH's main building. There are two parking spaces for the disabled just outside the main building. A parking permit is required and can be picked up at the reception located in the main entrance.

There is a ramp to the entrance and inside the main building there is an elevator to the restaurant.

On all floors of the building there is a disabled toilet.

Students who need special aids, such as talking books, can read more on the page Reading impairment.

If you have questions before your visit about accessibility or anything else, please contact the library.

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