BrowZine – App for journals

BrowZine is an app where you can browse and get tips on journals in your subject area. You will receive notifications or emails when a new issue arrives.

How to use BrowZine

  1. Download the BrowZine app to your mobile or tablet.
  2. Select "Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH)" under "Choose library".
  3. Log in with your GIH login (same as for computer and e-mail). You now have access to all of GIH's journals.
  4. To be able to save journals and articles in your bookshelf to monitor and be able to read later, you need to create an account in BrowZine.

BrowZine on your computer

You can also use BrowZine on your computer. Click on the link below to access the service.

Video on how to use BrowZine

Questions and Answers

Can I search for articles in BrowZine?

No, but it's easy to browse journals, read articles and discover new interesting journals in your field.

Feel free to save journals in your bookshelf, so you get notifications when a new issue has been published.

How do I know when there are new articles?

In the app, journals on your bookshelf are highlighted in red when new articles have been published.

You will receive an email with links to new journal issues. From the email, you can click directly to The first time, you need to log in with your account details in BrowZine. Read more about the email notifications. External link, opens in new window.

Are all GIH's journals available in BrowZine?

In BrowZine you can search for all journals that the library subscribes to. You cannot read all journals in BrowZine, but for some titles you will be linked to the journal instead. However, most of the major publishers' journals are included. Journals that can be read in BrowZine end up higher in the hit list.

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Last modified:18 Dec 2023