About the DiVA form

Your thesis must be approved and completed before you can register it in the publication database DiVA. Here are instructions how to fill in the DiVA form.

How to register your thesis in DiVA

  1. Log in to DiVA's registration form with your username and password at GIH.
  2. Answer the questions about personal data and images in your thesis.
  3. Select "Add publication / Upload files".
  4. Select publication type "Student thesis".
  5. Click "Continue".

Fill out the form

Below you will find tips on the different fields in the DiVA form.

Last name and first name: To be filled in.

Other fields: Fields under "Author" can be left blank, except for "E-mail".

Email: Enter your email address and you will receive an email when the thesis is registered in DiVA. The email address will not be visible on the web, it is only for the message.

Are you more than one author? Select the "Another author" button and more fields will show up.

If you have collaborated with an external party for the thesis, please state this here.

Title: Enter the main title and subtitle of your thesis. Next, set the language.

Alternative title: If you also have a title in another language, write it here

Level: Student theses on the teacher education programme should be "Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree)" or "Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree)". The other thesis are "Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor)".

University credits: Student thesis are usually worth 15 HE credits (except for Master, 30 HE credits).

Educational program: Select your program from the drop-down menu.

Subject/course: No longer used and should be left empty.

Skip this.

Year: Enter the year you completed the thesis.

Number of pages: Can be left empty.

Series: Select "Examensarbete" from the drop-down menu. Write the number in series with the year first, for example 2022:36.

Everything can be left blank until:

National Subject Category: Click the button and choose a subject that suits your thesis. Click on the plus signs to bring up the subcategories (e.g. Social Sciences – Educational Sciences – Pedagogical Work).

Part of project: Left empty most of the time.

Keywords: Enter words that you think others might search for to find your thesis. Enter them with commas in between, e.g. physical education, school, gymnastics.

Abstract: Your abstract should be entered in this field. Copy the abstract from your thesis and paste it into the Abstract field. Also chose Language. If you have your abstract in several languages, such as Swedish and English, click on the "Another abstract" button and new field will appear.

Supervisor: Fill in your name. Department, title and e-mail address are left blank.

Examiner: Same as for the Supervisor field.


Click "Continue".

Upload your PDF file

  1. Upload file. This is where you should submit your PDF. Make sure it is the final version of your thesis and save in PDF format. You are not allowed to include any images or similar that you do not have the copyright to in your thesis.
  2. "Make freely available now (open access)" must be filled in.
  3. Type: Let "fulltex"t and "pdf" remain. Select the "Choose file" ("Välj fil") button and locate the file on your computer. In order for the thesis to be published on the web, you must read and approve the attached agreement and then mark the box "I accept the publishing conditions".
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Read through the page and make sure it looks okay. If you want to change something, click "Back" at the bottom. Otherwise, click "Submit" and you're done!

If you have filled in your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail from the library within a few days that the thesis has been properly received in DiVA.

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