Physical education

Physical education includes knowledge and teaching about various movement practices, such as ball games, outdoor activities, gymnastics, athletics, movement, and dance.


Physical education as a subject area at GIH was formed when the institution again became an independent university in 1992. The area then became one of three within the bachelor's subject of sports – the other areas were human biology and humanities-social sciences.

Educational scientist Peter J. Arnold's thoughts on knowledge in motion guided the work. This means that learning and exploration in the field occur through participation and practice of sports.

Physical education is not only about knowledge of movement techniques but also, for example, the culture surrounding movement practice with norms and values, the basic skills, of course, and how these can be expressed in different contexts.


At GIH, physical education is divided into ball games, outdoor activities, gymnastics and athletics, and movement and dance. A characteristic of knowledge in physical education is that it is expressed in movement.

Ball games and ball games include battles between individuals or teams in ball sports with significant variation regarding, for example, the number of participants, the characteristics of the ball, and the design of the playing field.

Outdoor life is about contact with nature and developing a deeper understanding of the relationship between man and nature. Outdoor activities are carried out in forest, sea, and mountain

Gymnastics and athletics explore body awareness based on a basic, compound, and complex forms of movement with and without equipment, individually and in interaction with others.

Movement and dance explore the relationship between body, space, form, and dynamics, with or without music. The subject area includes both given steps and free creation through expressive form, cultural form, and training form, individually or with others.

Collaboration and collaboration partners

GIH collaborates with actors both inside and outside the school. Within the academy, various research projects are conducted in collaboration with colleagues at other universities. Outside the academy, GIH mainly collaborates with primary and secondary schools, school authorities, and sports associations.

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