Sport Performance and Exercise Research & Innovation Center-Stockholm, SPERIC-S

We study sports performance and training, from molecules to humans in motion. During the past year, an intense interdisciplinary research, innovation, and educational environment has been built around exercise, health, and performance development, SPERIC-S.

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The strength of our research environment is that we combine targeted excellence with current broad applied knowledge - without compromising on quality. Our ultimate competence areas are biomechanics, sports physiology, sports psychology, leadership, and nutrition. The ambition is to maintain an environment with a broad top comprising several project managers and projects where everyone has a place and development.

Together with Riksidrottsförbundet and Mittuniversitet, we have an agreement on a joint venture, a sports research school, and a sports research network where sports. It is focused on the form of the Swedish Sports Confederation, together with specialist sports federations, businesses, and academia working together for investment in elite sports-oriented, activity-based research.


Our ambition is to conduct research and collaboration closely with sports and business. The reason is that new knowledge is quickly shared to all benefit.

We examine risk and health factors for sustainable sports from an interdisciplinary perspective and evaluate measures for promoting sustainable sports.

We want to understand the details of how the body is affected by exercise to translate that knowledge into performance optimization and health promotion.

We want to be involved in creating innovations that support our elite athletes and make everyday life easier for the exerciser. The research also aims to understand and develop leadership in sports where performance and sustainability are focused.

We want to understand the entire chain, from molecule to human, and have the skills, environment, and passion.

Research projects



  • Vetenskapsrådet
  • Centrum för idrottsforskning
  • KK-stiftelsen
  • CampPRO Ortopedteknik AB
  • Permobil AB
  • Qualisys AB
  • Räddningsregion sydöstra Svealand
  • Riksidrottsförbundet
  • P3 Athletics
  • Åke Wibergs stiftelse
  • Svenska Naprapatförbundet
  • Håkanssons stiftelse
  • Orienteringsförbundet
  • Svexa
  • Svenska Skidförbundet
  • Lars Hierta
  • Principal Investigator
  • Universitets- och högskolerådet
  • EU - EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities, EIT Health and EIT Digital, Erasmus+ program

Participating partners

  • CampPRO Ortopedteknik AB,
  • Permobil AB
  • Qualisys AB
  • Aleris Rehab Station Stockholm
  • Riksidrottsförbundet
  • Parasport Sverige
  • Stiftelsen Spinalis
  • RG Aktiv Rehabilitering
  • Svenskt Nätverk för Anpassad Fysisk Aktivitet (SNAFA)
  • Karolinska institutet
  • Mitt universitetet
  • Lunds universitet
  • Stockholm Stad
  • SATS
  • BioArctic
  • RF/SISU Stockholm
  • Bosön, RF elit
  • Idrottsmedicinska kliniken Bosön
  • Capio Artro kliniken rehabilitering
  • Skandinaviska Kiropraktor högskolan
  • Axelsons Massage Institut
  • Arcademy, Stockholm
  • Rehabilitation Centre Klimmendaal, the Netherlands
  • KU Leuven, Belgien
  • UZ Leuven, Belgien
  • HMU, Spain
  • University Miguel Hernandez, Spain
  • Politecnico di Turino, Italien
  • AWF, Warzarwa, Polen
  • Klimmendal, Nederländerna
  • Räddningsregion sydöstra Svealand
  • Ghent University
  • Bonn University
  • Malmö universitet
  • Uppsala universitet
  • Högskolan Väst
  • Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, KTH
  • Blekinge Tekniska Högskola
  • Sophiahemmet
  • Stockholms universitet
  • Högskolan i Skövde
  • Högskolan i Jönköping
  • Örebro universitet
  • Umeå universitet
  • Göteborgs universitet
  • Sahlgrenska akademin
  • Högskolan i Halmstad
  • Universitetet i Agder
  • University of Minnesota
  • Norges Idrotsshögskola
  • Ariel University
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Montreal
  • St Mary's University Twickenham UK
  • Leeds Beckett University UK
  • Jyväskylä, KIHU Research Institute for Olympic Sports, Finland, German Sport University Cologne, and University of Nevada, USA.
  • P3 Athletics
  • Intramedic
  • Vyaire Medical, Höchberg, Germany
  • JN Sport Science & Innovation AB
  • Svenska Kanotförbundet
  • Paddle Australia
  • David Aitken, eget företag, Australia,
  • One Giant Leap, New Zealand
  • Högskolan i Østfold.
  • Försvarsmakten
  • World Athletics
  • World Federation of Sporting Goods Industries (WFSGI)
  • Queens University, Kingston Kanada,
  • University of Queensland, Australien.
  • Linköpings universitet
  • Ski Team Sweden (alpint och ski cross)
  • Capio Artro Klinik
  • Svenska orienteringsförbudet
  • Maurten
  • Svexa
  • Supersapeins
  • Sydgrönt
  • University of Craiova (Rumänien)
  • Fredrick University (Cypern)
  • University of Luxembourg (Luxemburg).
  • Igloo Innovation (Norge)
  • Ungt Entreprenörskap (Norge)
  • The International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises (Italien)
  • Svenska Olympiska Kommittén
  • Elitidrottsmottagningen Region Stockholm samt Region Skåne
  • University of Leeds Beckett.

Research subjects

Medical and Health Sciences


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