Classroom 1504 at GIH or via Teams.

E-PABS Thursday Seminar: Master presentations on stress, antioxidants and brain health in adolescents

Welcome to a seminar with two master’s students presenting their degree work at GIH. Emilia Karlsson studies stress and cognitive functions in adolescents, and Martina Pensa looks at antioxidant intake and mental health in school youths.

About the seminar

In this seminar, the two master’s students Emilia Karlsson and Martina Pensa will present their degree work with supervisor Björg Helgadottir, researcher at GIH. Their work is based on data from the E-PABS project “Physical activity for Healthy Brain functions in school youth”. This seminar allows the students to practice for their final exam and get feedback from their research colleagues.

“Associations between Stress and Cognitive functions in adolescents and the possible moderator Physical activity.” (by Emilia Karlsson)

In the presentation, Emilia Karlsson will share results from her master’s thesis that has investigated if there are any associations between stress and cognitive functions and if reaching the recommendations for physical activity or not can moderate the associations.

Emilia Karlsson has a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and is currently a master’s student in Sports Science at GIH.

“Association between antioxidant vitamin intake and anxiety symptoms in Swedish adolescents.“ (by Martina Pensa)

In the presentation, Martina Pensa will explore how dietary intake of antioxidants relates to mental health in adolescents, specifically examining anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, and overall quality of life.

Martina Pensa is a master’s student in nutrition at Karolinska Institutet.

The seminar will be held in English and presented within the framework of the E-PABS Research Centre for Physical Activity, Brain Health and Sustainability. If you have any questions, please contact Elisabeth Möller.

When: Thursday 2 May at 13.00-14.00
Where: Classroom 1504 at GIH or via Teams.



Last modified:24 Apr 2024