Classroom 1506 at GIH or via Zoom.

E-PABS Thursday seminar: Data sharing in research on human participants

Welcome to a seminar on data sharing in research that involves human participants, with Gustav Nilsonne from Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish National Data Service.

About the seminar

Research on humans involve sensitive personal data. Among researchers there is an increasing interest for open science, but also insecurity about the ethical and legal aspects. In this seminar, Gustav Nilsonne will discuss how research data on human participants can be shared taking such aspects into account.

Gustav Nilsonne External link. is Associate Professor of neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet and Senior Advisor to the Swedish National Data Service. His research concerns basic and translational questions in neuroscience and psychiatry, as well as research on research itself in order to improve transparency and reproducibility.

The moderator of the seminar is Malin Ekstrand, responsible for GIH's research data support.

Don’t miss this chance to get your questions answered regarding data sharing and open science from a real expert in the field. Please send your questions on beforehand to Malin Ekstrand, by Wednesday 15 May, at the latest.

The seminar will be held in English and presented within the framework of the E-PABS Research Centre for Physical Activity, Brain Health and Sustainability in collaboration with GIH's library and research data support. Everyone with an interest in the topic are welcome to participate on site or digitally through the Zoom link below. If you have any questions, please contact Elisabeth Möller.

When: Thursday 16 May at 12.30-14.00
Where: Classroom 1506 at GIH or via Zoom External link, opens in new window..



Last modified:28 Mar 2024