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Tillhör: Institutionen för fysiologi, nutrition och biomekanik, Sektionen för laboratorier


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My general research interests involve the molecular mechanisms regulating human skeletal muscle plasticity. Specifically, how the established molecular pathways regulating protein synthesis and breakdown as well as substrate utilization are expressed, and ultimately function, in the slow (type I) and fast (type II) muscle fiber types.

My PhD-project revolves around new methodology to separate a mixed human muscle into pure type I and type II muscle fiber pools, for it to be further analyzed separately. The overall aim of the project is to gain a deeper understanding as to why our skeletal muscle fiber types adapt differently to long term external stimuli.

Current projects

  1. Fiber type specific regulation of protein synthesis in young and elderly muscle
  2. Fiber type specific mitochondrial respiratory function
  3. Fiber type specific responses to energy- and nutrient availability


Disputation den 16 december 2022 med avhandlingen "Skeletal muscle fiber types in man: With special reference to anabolic signaling and mitochondrial bioenergetics".

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