Marcus Moberg

Marcus Moberg

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Tillhör: Institutionen för fysiologi, nutrition och biomekanik, Sektionen för laboratorier


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My general interests are related to the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle mass in relation to exercise and nutritional. During the fast few years, I have specifically focused on the role of metabolic stress in the regulation of muscle adaptations to exercise. In this, two aspects have been of prime interest, namely lactate and hypoxia. Several of my past and present projects concern the potential role of lactate as a signaling molecule in human tissue, both at rest and during exercise.

A more newly found interest of mine is exercise neurophysiology, where I on the molecular level try to identify the mechanism by which exercise influences brain health.

Finally, a part of my research is also directed to muscle morphology and skeletal muscle memory to exercise. I like to think that my research has a wide area of application, some mainly relevant for elite athletes and maximizing exercise adaptations, some relevant in a clinical context and treatment of diseases, and some more basic understanding of muscle physiology.

Current projects

  1. The potential role of lactate in the molecular regulation of muscle adaptations to exercise.
  2. Lactate – a multi organ signaling molecule with important health implications.
  3. The influence of hypoxia on the molecular response to resistance exercise.
  4. Exercise neurophysiology – molecular regulation of BDNF production.

Representative publications

  • Liegnell R., Apró W., Danielsson S., Ekblom B., van Hall G., Holmberg H-C., Moberg M. (2020) Elevated plasma lactate levels via exogenous lactate infusion do not alter resistance exercise-induced signaling or protein synthesis in human skeletal muscle. Am J Physiol Endocriniol. 319: E792–E804

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Docent i idrottsvetenskap, PhD


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