Carla Nooijen

Carla Nooijen

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I am volunteering as an international classifier for para-cycling for which I go to competitions and judge the impact of the athlete's impairment on their cycling performance to assign them the right sport class.

I am leading a research project on para-cycling classification in close collaboration with the international cycling federation; UCI. Part of this project is conducted at GIH and the other part in The Netherlands, with partners from VU University Amsterdam, Center for Adapted Sports Amsterdam, and University of Groningen.

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I received my PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine and have worked on different research projects studying physical activity in people with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities. This research prompted my interest in physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour at a broader population level.

Currently, I am involved in two projects:

  1. a randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of interventions to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour among office workers,
  2. para-cycling classification, studying the impact of impairments on cycling performance.


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Fil dr, PhD