The Research Unit for Movement, Health and Environment

Movement, Health and Environment

The unit explores the multi-disciplinary field of human movement, health and environment.   

A topic in focus is the question of how physical activity and health within the population can be obtained under conditions that comply with sustainable development.

In elaborating these matters, conditions from different fields such as exercise physiology, medicine, ecology and economy must be considered. How different environmental factors stimulate or hinder physical activity is another example of aspects of interest within this field. Other relations of interest are indicated by the arrows in the figure below.

The main research project within the unit deals with Physically Active Commuting in Greater Stockholm (PACS), see

Another area which has attracted attention deals with green areas, physical activity and health, see

The unit is also involved in developing and teaching courses in this field for students at GIH. 

The group is currently collaboration with scientists at Umeå and Stockholm University.

The group   

The unit is part of the Åstrand Laboratory and consists of: 

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