Classroom 1504 at GIH or via Teams

E-PABS Thursday seminar: Workplace interventions for stress and mental health

Welcome to a seminar with E-PABS new researcher Robert Persson Asplund on interventions for stress and mental health disorders in the workplace.

About the seminar

The full title of the seminar is “Development of Digital and Multilevel Interventions for Stress and Mental Health Disorders in the Workplace - Current State and Future Directions”.

During this seminar, we will explore the field of digital interventions with a special focus on workplace mental health and stress-related disorders. We will discuss a full spectrum of interventions, including primary, secondary, and tertiary approaches, at both individual and organizational levels. The seminar will also cover the current evidence and efficacy of various interventions, comparing traditional and digital methods.

Join the E-PABS seminar on the 30 May to gain insights into the latest developments and future directions in addressing mental health in the workplace.

Robert Persson Asplund is a project researcher at GIH, specializing in health, work, and organizational psychology. In his current project related to E-PABS, he collaborates with Victoria Blom to investigate how collaboration in the rehabilitation of stress-related disorders can be improved. Robert earned his Ph.D. in psychology from Linköping University in 2021, with a dissertation titled "Learning How to Recover from Stress-Related Disorders via Internet-Based Interventions." His research focuses on the development, evaluation, and implementation of interventions at both the individual and organizational levels to prevent mental health issues in the workplace. Robert is a licensed psychologist and organizational consultant with 20 years of experience in various healthcare settings and as a manager within the occupational health services group at GIH's partner Avonova.

When: Thursday 30 May at 13.00-14.00
Where: Classroom 1504 at GIH or via Teams



Last modified:24 May 2024