Classroom 1504 at GIH or via Teams

E-PABS Thursday seminar: Dan Andersson's pre-dissertation on commuters' route environments and walking

Welcome to a seminar with Dan Andersson ahead of his upcoming dissertation with the thesis "Exploratory analyses of perceptions of route environments in relation to walking".

About the seminar

In his thesis, Dan Andersson has investigated how different environmental variables, such as greenery, noise and beauty, are perceived by those who commute on foot in Greater Stockholm. These experiences have in turn been analyzed in relation to whether the routes are valued as obstructive or stimulating for walking, or unsafe or safe in relation to traffic.

In this seminar there is a chance to take part in Dance's research studies and ask questions and give input in preparation for the dissertation.

The English title of the thesis is "Exploring Perceptions of Route Environments in Relation to Walking". Main supervisor is Professor Peter Schantz at GIH, and co-supervisors are Lina Wahlgren at the Centre for Sport Research and Associate Professor Eva Andersson at GIH.

The dissertation will take place on March 22 at 9:00 a.m. in GIH's auditorium.

Read more about the public defence: Dissertation Dan Andersson | Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (

The seminar will be held in English and presented within the framework of the E-PABS Research Centre for Physical Activity, Brain Health and Sustainability. Anyone with an interest in the area is welcome to participate. If you work outside GIH and are interested in participating, physically or digitally, please contact project coordinator Elisabeth Möller.

When: Thursday 15 February at 13.00-14.00
Where: Classroom 1504 at GIH or via Teams.


Last modified:13 Feb 2024