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Contact and opening hours

Here is information about our opening hours and how you can get in contact with the GIH Library.

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Contact the library



+46 (0)8 120 53 800

Zoom (at appointment) External link, opens in new window.

Postal address

GIH Library
PO Box 5626
SE-114 86 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address

Lidingövägen 1 (near the Stockholm Olympic Stadium)
Metro station: Stadion

Staffed hours


Staffed hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

10 am–2 pm


12 am–4 pm

Extended hours for students and staff with key


Extended openings hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

7.30–10 am and 2–8 pm


7.30–12 am and 4–8 pm


7.30–10 am and 2–6 pm

Saturday, Sunday

9 am–4 pm

Changes in the opening hours spring 2023

  • May 22-24: A new library system will be implemented. You can not borrow books during this time. The library is opened but unmanned.
  • Monday June 5 is the library only open for students and staff with key
  • Tuesday June 6 juni is the library closed
  • June 7-8 is the library only open for students and staff with key
  • June 9-22 staffed 10.00-12.00
  • June 23 - August 11 Closed for summer
  • August 12-25 staffed 10.00-12.00
  • From August 28 augusti normal openings hours

Loan period in summer 2023

During summer the loan period will be until August 28. This loan period applies from:

  • May 19 april for normal books (loan period 4 weeks)
  • May 10 for course litterature (loan period 1 week)

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Last modified:23 May 2023