Johan Arnegård

Senior lecturer


Phone: +46 8-120 53 886

Visiting address: Lidingövägen 1

Room: 1363

Belongs to: Department of Movement, Culture and Society, Section for Sport Management


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I teach several courses, mainly in outdoor life with a focus on learning in motion, leadership, group processes, safety, health and the environment. Moving around on long-distance skates, skiing, kayaking, climbing both close to urban areas and in the mountains is my specialty.

In addition to more formal teaching, I have extensive experience of supervision at both undergraduate and advanced level. I have also supervised at postgraduate level.

I have a relatively broad general pedagogical interest in influencing and learning processes as well as identity formation.

Has conducted studies with a focus on outdoor and adventure sports learning, meaning-making, values, culture, health and leadership. Partly theoretically through a cultural sociological approach to how individuals acquire a taste for certain activities over others and orient themselves in life, and partly through a phenomenological approach to central dimensions of the quality of experiences and experiences, preferably through qualitative methods.

Consequently, movement in outdoor life has also interested me more and more in recent years, i.e. individuals' experiences of their own body in motion and in relation to the landscape - the body's encounter with place. This has, among other things, resulted in a practice-based research study during the physical education teacher students' winter mountain tour on skis at the end of their education with the aim of investigating the attributes, qualities and characteristics of meaningful learning experiences and highlighting possible influencing factors in connection with this.

I have also conducted research projects that have focused on current and interconnected tendencies in the "borderlands" of sport to partly overlapping social phenomena such as sports, outdoor recreation and nature tourism. These tendencies are the sportification of outdoor recreation and the emancipation of sports activities from the landscape ("landscape decontextualization"). This is about the landscape rationality that lies in standardizing the spatial conditions in the same way as traditional competitive sports. This has dramatically changed the frame of reference even for activities that have traditionally retained a strong site-dependent connection to the landscape.

In addition, I have found it important to try to highlight similarities and differences between practitioners from different physical education and leisure cultures in terms of the importance of personal and surrounding factors for the choice of form of activity and what is perceived as the meaningful content of the practice. Among other things, this leads to an increased understanding of how new "trend and adventure sports" emerge and what consequences this has for the practitioners' approach to the activities.

Thus, I have had a special interest in knowledge of how physical education and outdoor cultures are created and recreated and how approaches to the body, learning, leadership and outdoor life are related to societal conditions and individual factors.

I conduct collaboration both within and outside academic contexts, both nationally and internationally.

Within academia with Linnaeus University as a previously employed guest lecturer for three semesters with the special task of designing their education in outdoor life. Reference group member in the research project "The New Mountain Experience – Outdoor Trends and Sustainable Development for a Magnificent Mountain Environment", Mid Sweden University, Östersund. Participated in the work for a new joint Nordic Master's programme in outdoor recreation NOFRI and EU application, in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Telemark Campus Bö, NIH-Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Collaboration with Brigham Young University, Department of Recreation Management, Utah USA where I was previously a Guest Scholar for one semester. Also as Academic committee member for The International Outdoor Education Research Conferences IOERC.

Networks with: The Think Tank – Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiental Learning – EOE, Association of Experiental Education – AEE, International Mountain and Outdoor Sports Conference – IMOSC, Australian and New Zealand Association of Leisure Studies – ANZALS and Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas – MMV.

Outside academia as a government representative and member of the board of the Swedish Mountain Guide Organisation, SBO. Member of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's Mountain Safety Council. Consultancy assignment for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to design a common Swedish norm and standard for the education and examination of mountain leaders/tour leaders, the so-called "Mountain Leader Norm". Expert assignment for the Swedish Consumer Agency/KO in the formulation of the Agency's "General advice" regarding the application of the provision on safe goods and services according to Section 7 of the Product Safety Act for services that include operations on glaciers or in other high mountain terrain. Swedish member of the International Professional Union for Mountain Guides UIAGM - Union Internationale des Associations de Guides de Montagne.

Examiner within the Swedish Climbing Association's education system of authorized rock climbing instructors and responsible chief leader for the association's alpine climbing course in Kebnekaise. Trainer and supervisor within the Swedish Mountain Leader Organization, SFLO. Continuing education assignment within the Stockholm Skating Sailing Club, SSSK, in "outdoor-based leadership and safety" for skating leaders. Instructor assignment in off-piste skiing and summit climbing for Stockholm Telemark Club. Consultancy assignment for Brunnsviken Canoe Club in Stockholm with a focus on "educational leadership – tour leadership" for authorization of kayak leaders and kayak instructors for a Nordic instructor license. Assignment as a guide for "Momentum Adventure", an English adventure company that arranges expeditions all over the world (hiking, skiing, dog sledding, kayaking, ascents, survival, individual and group development).

Assignment as a lecturer, supervisor and observer in "Leadership, Judgement, Decision Making and Client Care" within the international professional mountain guide education within the Union Internationale des Associations de Guides de Montagne, UIAGM, in France.

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Other information

I have an authorized rock climbing instructor degree from the Swedish Climbing Association in 1991. Norwegian telemark ski instructor degree from Den Norske Skiskole, DNS, Hemsedal, Norway 1993. I have the International Professional Certified Mountain Guide degree from the Union Internationale des Associations de Guides de Montagne, UIAGM, Switzerland/France in 1997 with a professional license to work worldwide.

Has worked as a professional mountain guide with off-piste skiing, ski climbing, heli-skiing, climbing, ice climbing, glacier touring, alpine mountaineering mainly in Scandinavia and in the Alps.

In my spare time, I especially like to be out in nature with my wife, my grandchildren and friends, especially on the ice (long-distance skating), on the snow (Nordic touring skiing), on the sea (sea kayak tours), in the mountains or the coastal landscape (hiking).

I also enjoy cardio such as swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing, and speed skating. Also enjoys playing tennis.


Academic title

PhD in Education