Ann MacPhail and Benno Nigg appointed as honorary doctors

Two distinguished international professors have been named honorary doctors at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences. They will be promoted to their honorary doctorates during the upcoming Academic Ceremony.

A picture of the honorary doctors Ann MacPhail and Benno Nigg

– Upholding its commitment to excellence, innovation, and internationalization, GIH is delighted to announce the appointment of two leading international professors from diverse continents as honorary doctors, remarks Per Nilsson, principal at GIH.

Ann MacPhail researches in sport pedagogy and didactics

Professor Ann MacPhail is globally recognized for her pioneering research in sports pedagogy and didactics, significantly shaping the physical education experiences of school children. Based at The University of Limerick, Ireland, she serves as Co-Director of the Physical Education, Physical Activity, and Youth Sport (PEPAYS) Ireland Research Centre. MacPhail's collaborative approach has fostered interdisciplinary research, facilitated knowledge exchange, and supported early career researchers.

Having previously served as an examiner at GIH, MacPhail continues her collaboration with researchers in the EU-funded project PhysEd-academy. Her scholarly contributions, including over 130 peer-reviewed articles, 30 book chapters, and numerous conference presentations, have earned her international acclaim, with prestigious awards from the USA, UK, and Europe.

– It is a great honor to receive recognition for my work. However, I did not imagine that I would become an honorary doctor at GIH. I have always held GIH colleagues, their work, and their extended team in the highest regard, which heightens the honor, says Ann MacPhail.

Benno Nigg researches in biomechanics

Professor Benno Nigg is hailed as one of the foremost researchers in biomechanics globally. His seminal contributions at the University of Calgary, Canada, where he founded the renowned Human Performance Laboratory, have significantly advanced our understanding of human movement and performance.

Driven by a vision to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, Nigg's research integrates physics and mechanics to develop innovative solutions for sports-related products. His expertise, spanning over 33,000 citations and 500 peer-reviewed publications, has been instrumental in developing sports equipment and surfaces worldwide.

– I wanted to do things differently. Instead of having different isolated laboratories for biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, etc., I wanted to start a multidisciplinary center to study human movement and performance, says Benno Nigg.

GIH is proud to confer honorary doctorates upon Ann MacPhail and Benno Nigg, recognizing their outstanding contributions to sports science.

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For more information, please contact:
Ann MacPhail, honorary doctor GIH, e-mail:
phone: +353-877 464 884
Benno Nigg, honorary doctor r GIH, e-mail: phone: +1 403-667-5755


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Last modified:3 May 2024