Research group for physical activity and brain health

Discoveries in neurophysiology on the connection between physical activity and brain health, in combination with new research methods, have created opportunities for current socially-relevant research that this research group at GIH is tackling.

In modern society, people are exposed daily to heavy demands on their cognitive abilities. Research indicates that there is a positive connection between habitual physical activity and healthy brain function.  

However, insufficient knowledge about the causes of this connection prevent the design of scientifically-based recommendations that could improve people’s daily lives.

New objective methods for measuring physical activity have been developed that enable researchers to study how different aspects of physical activity influence brain health, for example if extensive sitting and moderate physical activity promote brain function through somewhat different mechanisms.

It was possible to establish the research group for physical activity and brain health thanks to the support of the Knowledge Foundation and six Swedish companies interested in these research questions.


The research group has four project leaders:

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2016-06-22 How can physical activity in the workplace contribute to improving health?

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