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GIH is a public institution reporting directly to the Government. GIH confers degrees in all three cycles in the area of Health and Sports. Under the Vice-Chancellor, GIH is organised with one academic department that consists of three units. Coordination of programmes across the tree units is provided by Faculty Programme Directors (FPD). All administrative staff is organized in the Administration. A Programme Committee is responsible for the first and second cycle programmes and courses, and a Research and Post Graduate Studies Committee has similar responsibilities in these fields.

All units also are responsible for international cooperation and mobility issues within their competencies. The Student Union has taken on mentoring responsibilities. Internationalisation activities are coordinated through the International Office. It combines academic and administrative competences. It is available via mail on international@gih.se, by telephone on +46(0) 8 120 537 00.

Partner institutions are chosen according to the priorities outlined in the internationalisation strategy. The Vice-Chancellor of GIH is responsible for signing the inter-institutional agreement. Faculty Programme Directors (FDPs) are responsible for the planning of the curricula and courses. A relevant FDP will, within his/her area of competence, process learning agreements for outgoing as well as incoming students.

FDPs will have to assure that courses given to incoming students are relevant for the agreed learning outcomes. For outgoing students the Learning Agreements will also include what courses are to be credited upon the successful completion of the studies abroad. In this, the FDP will have to obtain binding obligations from the teachers grading the respective courses.

Fundamental Principles

The Swedish academic year is 40 weeks long with an expected work load of 40 hours per week. GIH recognises ECTS points earned at other institutions operating other durations (e.g. 30 weeks) of the academic year at the value set by that institution.

Outgoing students are to negotiate a Learning Agreement with the help of the respective Faculty Programme Director before departure. Credits will be transformed into the GIH three grade scale.

All incoming students are graded according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The scale for the grading system is the ECTS A to F.

At GIH, a semester often corresponds to a specific course of 30 ECTS. The grading is normally done as four different items (4x7,5 credits). If a student just participates in one of the items within a course, the student is to be given a grade at that item. In the Learning Agreement this is regulated so that the student can expect grading for the full achievement.


History of GIH

History of GIH
From GCI to GIH - some important points in GIH's history

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